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Our success story begins with three brothers from Dearborn, Michigan. In 1984, the oldest brother moved to Florida to open his first pizza restaurant. He was in his early twenties at the time. With ambition and hard work, the business quickly grew and in 1987, the second brother joined and the two brothers expanded their restaurants from Central Florida to Gainsville, the Florida Panhandle, and beyond. Then, the brothers opened restaurants in Alabama. Today, all three brothers are business partners and have over 50 franchised Hungry Howie's pizza locations. Not only are the brothers successful franchisees, but as area developers in parts of Florida, the brothers have gained experience as Franchisors as well.

In 1997, the brothers decided to expand their business to include a different type of restaurant. The first Kazbor's Grille was opened that year in Riverview, Florida. The restaurant rapidly gained popularity and more locations were opened. Kazbor's Grille grew to ten locations. The brothers' goal was and still is to continually review and better their concept. Today, with years of constant review and updating, Kazbor's Grilles are perfected sports-themed grilles, with seating for approximately 125 people, and a full-service bar that is separate from the dining area, so the grille itself is the ultimate family-friendly environment. Kazbor's Grille has blossomed into a successfully franchised business system. And to this day, you will often find the brothers working hands-on in the kitchens of their restaurants, acting as mentors and showing new employees how to create the Kazbor's Grille experience for customers, young and old. Join us today and experience the vision the brothers have created.

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